Awkward sporting questions edition

It was always going to be a tie, wasn’t it?

All very well inviting 26 people to apply for All Black coach, but what if you wind up with number 26? Didn’t think that through.

Will breakdancing form a key pillar of Scott Robertson’s All Black coach application? Is the boardroom floor suitable for backspins or will he bring his own lino?

What did you accomplish in the week between rugby and cricket? Put your All Black jersey in sealed plastic bags at the bottom of the drawer? Dry clean the BLACKCAPS hoodie? Tidy the garage? Make a spreadsheet with SKY, Netflix, broadband and all the rest on it to make sure you’re doing things right? I’m going to say you didn’t.

Has Dark Lord Of Defence And Vengence John Mitchell finished his Revenge On New Zealand programme or is he just getting underway?

Which had the biggest impact - new boss Matt Walsh on the Breakers or the 2011 earthquake on AMI Stadium?

Was NZR aiming for a ‘family reunion photo with cousins you’ve never met’ vibe with this effort?

Thanks for reading - Richard

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Selected weekend fixtures 

  • The All Whites play their first game in 18 months against Ireland in Dublin at 8.45am this morning, so you might as well go back to bed, it’s on SKY

  • The Breakers play Perth at 7pm on Sunday, it’s on SKY

  • The first Test v England starts next Thursday at Bay Oval in marvelous Mount Maunganui, it’s on SKY

Bring back the gif 

When someone sends a meeting invite for 4pm Friday.

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