Christmas wish list edition

Here's a few things I'd like to see in 2019 (or most years, in fact).

An injury free 2019 - that goes for you attempting a jog after a very excessive Christmas and new year, but also for the All Blacks and BLACKCAPS going into their world cups. Careful on the field / jet skis fellas

Everyone keeps their cool at rugby world cup time - yes, Ireland look the real deal, but let's keep a sense of national perspective. We're lucky to be represented by these fine athletes and top human beings and be continually in contention in a tremendous sport like rugby. Let's enjoy it hey

More reviews - while the procession of lawyers, terms of reference and press conferences have been pretty overwhelming and baffling at times, these are important band aids to rip off and sport will be better for it

Tottenham getting into their new stadium already - enough said

You get to spend some time on a grassy bank while cricket happens - give it a go this summer, you don't even have to be that into the game. Between the fried snacks, people watching and bantz, you'll have a great time and might just become a fan

David Warner gets to meet a turtle - the guy just really loves turtles

Retro merch - obviously the Beige Brigade have this sewn up for cricket, but we need to mine the vast potential of 80's NPC jerseys. The first Super Rugby jerseys. The Max Blacks. The 1982 All Whites kit. Bring them all back!

A $1500 Lego Millennium Falcon - because of course

Sporting media keep doing what they're best at - our sport departments have produced fantastic and important work this year, that this newsletter has done its best to highlight and share. It's all produced under pressure, with limited resources and constant speculation on ownership and jobs. Keep innovating, and keep up the tremendous work

Thanks for reading - Richard

The week's best NZ sport writing

When a Chief dies - Aaron Hopa's death through a diving accident was a true shock at the time, Ben Stanley tells his story sensitively and extensively [The Spinoff]

Training for the '81 tour - how the Police prepared for their part in NZ's most divisive few months []

2018 was the year to the review - seldom has there been so much internal focus, but by god it's been necessary. Dana Johannsen reviews the reviews and where that leaves us []

Dave Leggat meets Piera Hudson, our brightest salmon skiing hope since Annelise Coberger [Sportsroom]

Video nasty

Dog saves goal.

Long read

Surfing in Kelly Slater's amazing artificial wave pool [New Yorker]

Selected weekend fixtures

  • If you enjoyed Test cricket overseas, you will definitely enjoy it here in Wellington. The Basin is HQ here in New Zealand team, and the Basin Test is very special. It starts tomorrow against Sri Lanka, tune in it's on SKY and Radio Sport

  • If that's not enough white clothing cricket for you, there's a full round of Plunket Shield cricket starting today - fill your boots

Bring back the gif

When it's almost Christmas.