Anonymous 360 feedback from your work colleagues for the last six weeks

"Using Outlook to book boardroom for entire tournament for emergency cricket watching was a masterstroke."
"Streaming video certainly uses a lot of data."

"Not everything is a fucking metaphor for cricket Dave."

"The way you channelled your anger into productivity was an example for us all."
"Consistently sporadic for the duration."

"Captain's hat and matching wristbands are not business expenses."

"There was a lot of it"
"South African Linda aside, largely steered clear of anything personal."

"Clearly ironed enough shirts for the first week of the tournament but no more."
"Actually came to admire your capacity for daytime slumber."

"By the 13th Kane Williamson picture in the PowerPoint, we got the idea."

Cricket knowledge
"Would have appreciated a heads up on the boundary countback thing."
"Will concede that halting your own disciplinary review to google left-hand high scores at Edgbaston was a bold gambit."

Thanks for reading - Richard

The week's best NZ sport writing

The best of the 'coming to terms with THAT loss' blogs this week from ex-NZ Cricket Museum curator Jamie Bell, including the story of one of the greatest sports fans around [Sportsfreak]

In praise of our skipper Kane by Andrew Alderson, who's watched much of his career so far [NZ Herald]

Dylan Cleaver's summation of the Lord's final is astute, while Grant Robertson sums up the emotion of it all [NZ Herald, Spinoff]

The case for re-naming cricket's HQ in NZ the Support Women's Sport Basin Reserve. It's a shrewd and bold idea as we're all talking about it, and will be even better if it succeeds [Locker room]

Who'll be in the BLACKCAPS in India 2023? RNZ's Matt Chatterton looks in in crystal ball and concludes many of our favourites may not be back [RNZ]

Why it was unfair your team went out of the World Cup and which clearly superior format would have saved them - I loved this [Cricket 365]

Getting Noeline Taurua's signature to coach the Ferns was only option for NZ Netaball - but the short term contract is about to expire and Brendan Egan says she must be secured long term [Stuff]

Spark Sport are right in the game, securing English Premier League Football and the Rugby World Cup, but with long term rights for the BLACKCAPS and All Blacks coming up, how much will it cost them to *really* shake things up? [NZ Herald]

Steve Kilgallon with the story of the man who put together a super group of pub quizzers to win the NZ champs [Stuff]

Thanks for reading - Richard

Video nasty

Jumping over the TDF peloton - riding in the same direction as everyone else is too predictable hey.

Long read

Two words: Tazer Ball. The story of an honest-to-goodness sport where everyone has tazers. Spoiler alert - it failed. Make sure you watch the video [Mel Magazine]

Selected weekend fixtures

  • The Netball World Cup ends over the weekend, with the semis on Sunday morning and the final on Monday at 4AM, the full schedule is here, it's on SKY

  • The All Blacks are back, well some of them anyway. They're playing Argentina Sunday morning at 6.05am, it's on SKY

  • The British Open goes to Northern Ireland this weekend, it's on every night this weekend and ends early on Monday, it's on SKY

  • Tour de France heats up with the Individual Time Trial tonight, then the Tourmalet mountain stage tomorrow night, it's on SKY

Bring back the gif

When the scores are tied, so you have to count back boundaries to see who wins.