Are you ready for sport?

Sport Review #110

Make room for anger, disappointment and petty triumph in your life once more - sport is coming. Here’s how you can clear the decks and be ready.


Remember those walks around the block? Forget that noise. Sure, it feels good to be active and maybe lose a few pounds, but what’s that got to do with sport? Relax, save your energy.

Now’s the time to re-introduce your body to sport mode once more. Bring sausage rolls back into your diet. Drink a beer every three hours. Sit down, and don’t move for some time. Recreate a last-minute goal endorphins by jabbing your thigh with a compass.


Investing your sense of self-worth in a group of men or women chasing a ball in a quest for arbitrary, fleeting glory is a house of cards for your mental health. Just joking! It’s fucking awesome!

Sport Review recommends getting match fit with Sky’s retro games and enough alcohol to forget that the game was played 20 years ago, hey, no pain no gain.


You can delete Zoom now. If you’ve spent time over the lockdown connecting with fans of other teams, realising the things you have in common and coming to understand one another’s points of view, that bullshit needs to cease. Drop a few prank calls or call them out on Facebook to let them know hostilities have resumed.


Using your TV to introduce the kids to old movies you loved is OVER baby. If you’ve rearranged the lounge to accommodate more family quality time, you need to move that couch back in front of the 146”. Reclaim the space and start insisting on complete silence for 80 minute periods at random to get the family used to sporting enjoyment once again.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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Selected weekend fixtures 

  • SPORT! NZ Tennis is up and running with a Premier League starting next Thursday - read all about it and catch it on YouTube

  • And the Warriors play the Dragons from the Central Coast at 5pm Saturday, it’s on SKY

Bring back the gif 

When traffic jams are back.

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