Christmas health and safety with Grizz Wylie

Sport Review #95

Thanks for being part of Sport Review this year. Knowing you’re reading and enjoying this carry-on is the reason I do it.

Service will be sporadic over the next little while - I’m going to have a break from the regular cycle through January while I recharge and, erm, move cities, before coming back in February on the regular schedule.

Thanks again - season’s greetings to you and your team.

- Richard

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The week's best NZ sport content

Peter Snell wore the black singlet like nobody before or since - here’s Paul Lewis on his body and mind, and Dylan Cleaver on his peculiar relationship with New Zealand

Paul Lewis on Ian Foster, and why we don’t know him as well as we think [NZ Herald]

An interview with Stanley Street impresario Karl Budge, who gets the biggest names to Auckland in increasing numbers every January [Locker Room]

Suzanne McFadden talks to four women going for the world shearing record, not to mention the chance to compete for a world title [Locker Room]

Video nasty

No-one does illusions like Gob Bluth.

Long read

The riveting story of Willie Nelson’s guitar Trigger, pretty much the only one he’s played in his long career. How he got it, why he kept it and how it got that massive hole in the top [Texas Monthly]


You really should listen to Adam Buxton’s podcast chat with Billy Connolly, extremely funny and poignant stuff.

Selected weekend fixtures 

  • The Phoenix play Sydney FC at the Cake Tin at 4.45pm Saturday afternoon

  • It’s another grand final replay in the SuperSmash, with Knights playing Stags tomorrow night at 7.10pm at Seddon Park, while the Blaze play the Sparks in an intriguing women’s match up at the Basin on Saturday at 12.40pm

  • Oh, and that boxing day test starts on boxing day

Bring back the gif 

When you wake up on Christmas day.

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