Every question your relative who's not into rugby will ask during the rugby

Sport Review #117

What are the rules?

Where are the Central Vikings on the table?

This starts at 7.30? We could catch the first bit then go down the road for a drink, come back and finish watching after closing, I’m sure the game won’t be on there.

Why are you weeping? Why are you sobbing ‘Beauden?’

Why do they stop every two minutes for five minutes?

My colleague hypothesises there’s a clear line between the culture around this anachronistic colonial import and New Zealand men’s stunted emotional health and inability to freely express their feelings. What do you reckon?

Is there anything else I can do that isn’t in this room?

It’s not really a global sport is it?

Where’s Brendon McCullum, I liked him. Oh sorry, I thought this was Bat Footy.

Can you just talk me through the rule changes over the last twelve years or so?

How can you be on your phone and watch at the same time, shall we turn it off?

Thanks for reading - Richard

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Selected weekend fixtures 

  • Super Rugby Aotearoa is into round two - it’s Hurricanes v Blues from the caketin tomorrow at 7.30, and Chiefs v Highlanders on Sunday at Waikato Stadium at 3.30pm, they’re on SKY

  • ANZ Premiership - big ones are Mystics v Stars tonight at 7pm, and Pulse v Mystics tomorrow at 5pm, they’re both at Auckland Netball Centre and on SKY

  • The Warriors have the Sharks at 4pm Sunday, it’s on SKY

Bring back the gif 

When you forget about the last one and get yourself another.

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