Further unexpected Super Rugby transfers

Sport Review #111

Colin Hawke to the Highlanders
We’re sure by-gones are by-gones in the deep south and the ‘butcher of dreams’ is forgiven! He’s signing jerseys at the local Rebel Sport this afternoon for anyone wanting an autograph / revenge.

John Key to the Hurricanes
Everyone in Wellington that’s badly missing him gets their wish! The three-term PM is getting ready to trickle down some back row magic for Hurricanes fans, no referendum required.

A horse to the Chiefs
Hey, there are no rules in the new normal! Patrick Hogan has hand-selected one of Cambridge’s finest to gallop along the wing. Poor hands but what a finishing kick.

Grizz Wylie to the Blues
Grizz is out of retirement and pretty angry about being charged four fucking fifty for a cup of coffee, so look out!

Carlos Spencer to the Crusaders
We’re sure any lingering resentment over Dan Carter’s big move will be soothed by Carlos and his Hawaiian shirts, Miami Wine Cooler and big city attitude!

Fog to the Hurricanes
If you can’t beat them join them! For those rare days where there’s not a howling gale, watch out for the pea-souper rolling straight out of Thorndon to the ‘tin.

Light rail to the Blues
Surprise! Just when you think you’ve shut down the attack, the boys have lept in the carriage, the doors are shut and they’re taking the 7.35pm straight to the tryline.

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