How you can recreate the sporting experience in lockdown

Sport Review #165

Here we are again. We’re staying home and saving lives - but with sport on hold, how can we enjoy the highs and lows we live for? Never fear, here’s a list of ways you can experience the full gamut of emotions while remaining lockdown compliant.

  • Recreate watching a live match on TV by doing pretty much anything but mainly looking at your phone

  • Re-live watching sport in European time zones by getting out of bed at 3am, lying on the couch and immediately going back to sleep

  • Enjoy stadium food by peeling sausage rolls, placing them on bread directly from the freezer and setting light to a $20 note

  • Experience life as the Highlanders coach by trying to get your children to do schoolwork

  • Recreate a day at the Test cricket by getting very very drunk, lying down outside and going to sleep

  • Remember great Crusaders v Hurricanes finals by starting a hot shower and closing all bathroom doors and windows

  • Re-live the 2019 Cricket World Cup final by punching yourself in the face

  • Recreate a last minute defeat by poaching eggs perfectly until they burst mid-transfer from water to toast

  • Enjoy completely-insane-and-detached-from-reality post-match Facebook comment sections by visiting your local community Facebook group

Thanks for reading - Richard

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