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Sport Review #167

Rugby World Cup exit 2007 press conference

Everyone remembers the heartbreaking images of a badger-haired Richie McCaw and Graham Henry, eyebrows yet to fully extend, signing off from RWC 2007? Unforgettable names like SNCF, GMF and EDF Energy were there, and can now be part of your Zoom drinks.

Kevin Tamati and Greg Dowling having a fight

It’s not just the rawness of two miscreants settling their differences beside a chain link fence - you also get three stripe trackies, some very full strides and a man in a spotless white suit having the time of his life.

Heat pump Dan

Obviously the nation won’t fall out of love with Southbridge’s finest because of a cut-price Chemist association. Just yet. Let’s remember Dan at his finest - just chilling, screwed to a wall and creating warmth.

Grizz Wylie necking a beer

It’s your round.

Disapproving Richie Benaud

The only bright spots of the Underarm were Bruce Edgar giving Trevor Chappell the fingers and Richie Benaud, 15, tearing strips off Greg Chappell in the studio. With this background you can express your disappointment in this weeks’ TPS Reports with the same gravitas - just make sure to pair it with the beige blazer.

Dennis Conner takes a mental health walk

A great tip for keeping things balanced is to charge the ear buds and take your meetings while walking - here we can see Dennis Conner going remote from the Holmes show, in a move years ahead of its time.

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Video nasty

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Long read

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If you’ve not seen it, early Chris Nolan film The Prestige is on Netflix. It’s good.

Bring back the gif 

When you wake up and you’re in Level 4.

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