Oral history of the 1995 All Blacks Zoom call

Sport Review #103

Fitzy: I wanted to bring the boys back together. A lot’s been swept under the carpet. And I wanted to know if anyone still had some of those Canterbury trackies with the buttons on the side.

Robin: Fitzy sent out the invite on email. I reckoned he should have used WhatsApp but he’s still captain.

Fitzy: Mine are worn out and I need some more.

Jeff: Most People Accepted The Invite It Was Going To Be Good To See The Boys Again.

Laurie: Lockdown’s great, more time to work on the investigation.

Glen: Farkin’ Laurie.

Zinzan: I couldn’t work out how to share my screen, I think everyone wanted to see my drop kick.

John Hart: Doing a Zoom is great for culture and sharing your brand vision. Fair play to Laurie, but I would have done things much, much differently.

Fitzy: And some training shorts.

John Hart: I wasn’t invited, but I’m in Robin’s bubble.

Frank: It’s easy to make ‘on mute’ jokes but come on. Merths dialled out and in again about 15 times. Google it fuckwit.

John Hart: It’s a long story.

Josh: First we went around and said what we’d been up to.

Jeff: We Had Some Laughs.

Josh: Laurie ran us through the investigation. That took a while.

Laurie: We’re getting close.

Josh: Laurie had a whiteboard set up in his garage.

Frank: And a bed?

Fitzy: Laurie had a Canterbury overcoat for managers. I’ve been in touch.

John Hart: It was around this point Laurie started to lose the players.

Josh: Mike Brewer was wearing rabbit ears the whole time. No-one said anything. Pretty weird.

Ian: Zinny looked like he’d just come back from a long run, I 105’d him to make sure he was respecting lockdown.

Fitzy: I decided that was enough.

Glen: Fitzy was getting bored, you could see him on his phone.

Jeff: We Had Some Laughs.

Fitzy: I just sent an invite for 2035 and quit the app.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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