People in the office pretty sure guy always wanting to watch Tana Umaga videos is Tana Umaga

Sport Review #155

NEWS: Workers at Freemason and Syrah HQ are beginning to suspect their new co-worker who’s always suggesting everyone watch Tana Umaga videos on YouTube is actually Tana Umaga.

“You’re just trying to get on with it, and he’s always like ‘Hey, did you know there’s a Tana Umaga tries clip that’s seven minutes long? Seven minutes!” said Accounts Director Neil Hyundai Tucson.

The 74-cap former All Black captain was known for his strong running game and uncompromising defence, but questions remain about whether that guy sitting near the kitchen is in fact Tana Umaga.

“At first we went with it and watched the Tana’s hat trick at Athletic Park clip. Turned out he’d actually logged in to YouTube and made a special Tana playlist. 46 videos. With interviews! I was all ‘Dude, I have to do some work now,’” said Hyundai Tucson.

“There’s just something about him,” said IT Specialist Jan Mine-Sweeper. “His screen was frozen, and when I got it going again his desktop was all pictures of Tana Umaga lifting trophies. And that time he and Kevin Mealamu turned the guy fixing the photocopier upside down then just ran off. That was a red flag for me.”

“Remember when I was making the case for Christian Cullen being the greatest ever Hurricanes back at Friday drinks and he went really, really quiet?” said Marketing Assistant Mike Manbaag. “He doesn’t like fog, I know that.”

The office worker who might be Tana told media he didn’t want to speak to actually being Tana, but instead shared a Dropbox link to a half hour video clip making a case for Tana Umaga being the only successful back three-to-centre conversion in All Black history.

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