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Sport Review #161

I don’t know what to think about these Olympics.

Going in, I thought if anyone could do this during a pandemic, it would be Japan. But even the masters of organisation couldn't escape the virus and like a teenager wishing the First XV would just stop spewing on the couch and leave, they’re left with a party they don’t really want to hold.

I feel for the people travelling - visions of electronics shopping and Anthony Bourdain-style missions through tiny Whiskey bars where they serve steak on sticks is over.

Still - once it gets underway, we’ll be swept up in it all.

The irony of the Olympiad is the contrast between the world’s best athletes competing at the highest level, and most of us sacking out on the couch for two weeks, emerging from a full adult size pyramid of pistachio nut shells vaguely thinking you should really go for a run.

My plan is immersing myself in rarely seen events like archery and handball, catch the pinnacle events like the the 1500m and 100m and tune in for the big New Zealand medal hopes. There should be a few surprises with so many withdrawals, no crowds and no shortage of extra motivation of the delayed start and all that hand san.

The Olympics capture the imagination like nothing else, and now its going ahead, I ideally it’ll be memorable for the sport from this point on. I hope the New Zealanders do well and everyone stays safe.

Olympic recommendations

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Blind Landing is an investigative podcast about the biggest mistake in Olympics history - recommended

You really need to watch this one again:

Thanks for reading - Richard

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Bring back the gif 

When someone suggests working though lunch.

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