QUIZ: Are you an Eden Park resident?

Sport Review #133

What’s your favourite Eden Park memory?

  1. Tough one - Grant Elliott’s six has to be right up there, but I have a soft spot for the Try From The End Of The Earth

  2. That time the cricket was rained off and nobody came

What keeps you awake at night?

  1. COVID-19 really, and thinking about where we go from here

  2. Memories of those Waikato fans in ‘93, with their bells and full bladders

Whats your vision for the future of Eden Park?

  1. It would be great to see it used to its full potential, including concerts, while we have a grown-up conversation about a waterfront stadium in an iconic location with central city and transport links

  2. Fill it with water for the America’s Cup?

Who’s your number one Labour ex-Prime Minister?

  1. Hard to go past Lange really, but Mike Moore was underrated and did a lot for NZ people don’t realise

  2. Well I didn't agree with her politics while she was in office - couldn’t have been further apart really! But - you can’t deny Helen Clark has done a lot for me and the people living in a 400 metre radius around my property

How much do you charge people for parking on your drive?

  1. I live in Taupo mate, I will have you towed

  2. Actually, cash became a bit of a hassle so I got a chap in India to make an app, just enter your credit card number. Fifth day of the Test is 10% off!

What’s the best bit about the Xmas street BBQ?

  1. Catching up with the neighbours about how their year’s gone and what they’re up to for the holidays

  2. Getting some good curtain twitching in before calling parking control to get the whole thing shut down early

How did you score?

Mostly 1’s: It appears you are not an Eden Park resident. You should have brought a house here back in 2003 mate! Too late now!

Mostly 2’: See you at the next meeting. May all your nights be quiet.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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