QUIZ: Is the 1999 rugby world cup holding you back?

Sport Review #124

Losing 43-31 to France in the 1999 rugby world cup semi final affected us all - but is it stopping you reaching your true potential 21 years later? Let’s find out.

It’s 4am, what’s keeping you awake?

  1. Tossing around work-related topics like inventory, accounts and creating a safe working environment

  2. Mentally working on your time machine and how you can force your way into the final tournament squad selection panel and make a case for taking a more robust forward pack

Anton Oliver is in town promoting his new organic whiskey slipper brand. Do you:

  1. Make a mental note to check them out but forget all about it, who’s got the time?

  2. Camp outside the shop for three nights, you have a long list of questions and Anton will help you understand. Or he will die

You come back from leave to find your boss hired someone French. do you:

  1. Google French for “Welcome”, “Thank you” and “It’s kiwi style!” to make them feel at home and not weird

  2. Play it cool while asking questions to determine if they celebrated the All Blacks defeat in the 1999 world cup semi final with a nice beaujolais, and onion soup prepared with the tears of the vanquished

You see John Hart on the bus. Do you:

  1. Let the boys in the group chat know and get back to Angry Birds

  2. Take the seat in front of him and start shaving your head Taxi Driver style

You’re at an open home. On the wall you spot a poster with a french rural scene with the caption ‘Provence’. Do you:

  1. Look down - do they have underfloor heating?

  2. Wire every appliance in the house to the same outlet with a cheap Ali Express timing device so the house incinerates three hours later, after putting your french neighbour’s details on the agents list

How did you go?

Mostly 1’s: You seem pretty normal to me. It doesn’t seem the 1999 world cup defeat to France is holding you back but it’s important to stay vigilant.

Mostly 2’s: I’m lying if I say there are no issues there. I strongly urge you to not Google 2003 or 2007 under any circumstance.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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