Quiz: Is your boss Sean Fitzpatrick?

Sport Review #113

To perform your duties competently, it’s crucial you’re clear if your boss is a boss, or 92-cap former All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick. Let’s clear this up once and for all.

When you arrive at work, is your boss:

  1. Smashing out a few emails and putting the finishing touches on the deck for the big presentation

  2. Working the phone to sponsors, and sticking pins in a Johan de Roux voodoo doll

If your boss says ‘full credit’, do they:

  1. Kind of wink while they’re doing it, because it’s become a bit of a joke through association with former All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick

  2. Not make a big deal, it’s just a totally normal thing to say

What’s your boss’s go-to analogy?

  1. Something about boats and runways and time running out

  2. Something about Zinny and Foxy and being down in the last minute

It’s time to hit the whiteboard for a strategy sesh. Before you get started, what is your boss wiping off the board?

  1. Some thoughts on how the company will be structured in one, five and ten years’ time

  2. All the ways Robin Brooke could have shut down Joel Stransky

How does your boss get to work?

  1. The bus

  2. A pink fist car

It’s casual Friday - as usual your boss is sporting:

  1. A nice stripy Barkers shirt and some chinos - perfect for meetings, but also sinking a few at the Breakout And Lanyard after work

  2. Canterbury of New Zealand easy-wipe trackies, paired with a chambray shirt and boat shoes

How did you score?

Mostly 1’s: Your boss is most likely a boss.

Mostly 2’s: Your boss is 92-cap former All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick. We recommend asking him about captaining the All Blacks, and brainstorming things he can sponsor. For money.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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