Rugby Australia committed to confusing, irritating Super Rugby format

Sport Review #119

NEWS: With the boardroom battle raging over the future of Super Rugby, Rugby Australia told media today they’re committed to a confusing, irritating format.

New Zealand and Australia are at loggerheads over the competition’s post-COVID format, with the former pushing for a lean, engaging format and the latter pushing a shambles.

“Fans don’t follow Super Rugby for its clarity. Difficult to understand nonsense is in this competition’s DNA - we’ve played our part by introducing unnecessary teams and Quade Cooper. This is a runway we’re prepared to die on,” said Rugby Australia COO Nicholas Loafer-Schooner.

With 4am kickoffs, conference formats and unknown expansion teams all on the chopping block, Rugby Australia is steadfastly waving the flag for anarchy.

“We’ve got some serious innovation on the drawing board - a Norfolk Island expansion team, five conferences and a netball splinter competition culminating in a cross-code Top Town finals series, and we can’t wait to share it with New Zealand,” said Loafer Schooner.

When NZ Rugby was asked for comment, they simply emailed a link to Matt Dunning’s drop goal on YouTube.

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