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Sport Review #108

If you have a long drive coming up, or an existential crisis walk that needs a soundtrack, can I recommend my favourite podcasts? I don’t know about you, but being out of routine means my phone is massively backed up with stuff to listen to - I’d love to know your go-tos, email me!

My favourite podcast is probably Reply All - nerds investigating nerd stuff. Sometimes it’s tech focused, sometimes it’s emotional support for whoever needs it and sometimes it’s astonishing detective work. Highly recommended, start with my favs Boy in the photo, Long distance, the QAnon code and The case of the missing hit.

I absolutely love watching an old classic film, then listening to its Rewatchables podcast. I loved the Heat, Jaws, Reality Bites, Proof of Life episodes, and loads more.

Comedians James Acaster and Ed Gamble run a fantasy restaurant, where guests can choose their dream starters, main, deserts and the rest - it’s called Off Menu, and it’s amazing.

Beatles nerds - behold I Am The Eggpod, a deep dive into their albums and solo efforts. Recommend the ‘red and blue’ album episodes, but there’s loads there. If you finish that and want the mysterious 28 hour fan-produced Beatles documentary that’s MONUMENTAL, email me and I’ll send you a link.

Here’s a ten part Split Enz documentary from RN you can download as a podcast - it’s comprehensive, talks to everyone involved and will send you back to their records again, highly recommended.

Speaking of RNZ, I thoroughly enjoyed their Erebus documentary series, and the story of Melody Rules, the worst sitcom ever made.

Two interview shows - Adam Buxton and Marc Maron. They talk to everyone, go back and search their archives for your favourites, both highly recommended.

Teacher’s Pet is the Australian true crime story of a wife and mum who disappeared into thin air, and her dodgy husband and her brother. It’s quite a commitment, and gets a bit repetitive - but I found it edge of the seat stuff.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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Video nasty

Get off the shed.

Long read

This would have been handy at the start of lockdown - Bill Buford learns to bake bread in Lyon [New Yorker]


James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Joe Walsh (briefly), the hottest band ever filmed and one of the all-time-great car chases. Not to mention Dan Akroyd and John Belushi at their peak. The Blues Brothers is on Netflix.

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