Top infringements and cautions of the summer

Sport Review #140

Laurie Mains evicted from America’s Cup village for ‘Aucklanders Are Wankers’ tee shirt.

Advertising Standards Complaint withheld for edgy singles-only retirement home infomercial with Keith Quinn.

Neil Wagner fined match fee for running through strikers end sightscreen during overly vigorous wicket celebration.

Peter Williams suspended for two weeks after confusing Magic Talk roles and repeatedly goading Bill Gates to call the talkback line during exciting run chase.

Dan Carter warned for sharing pharmacy-only medication card from Chemist Warehouse with Blues teammates.

Dean Barker banned from Tik Tok after emotional naked dance to TV1 America’s Cup coverage intro theme.

Dane Coles assigned extra training after CCTV review reveals he spent managed isolation exclusively in breakfast buffet area.

Ian Foster excommunicates neighbours from local area Facebook group for letting off hoarded fireworks on New Years Eve after he’d gone to bed.

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The Black Caps made this final because they have turned themselves into a home-field juggernaut the likes of which this country has never seen, not even in the "glory" days of the 80s. New Zealand aren't just hard to beat at home; they're hard to resist.
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“I was lucky enough to play six tests. It’s so tactical, such a competitive experience without it being high pace,” Kinsella says. “That aspect of cricket can’t be replicated in any other way, and it’s a shame the current players don’t have that to look forward to.”
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Video nasty

Chang joins the paint ball war.

Long read

“The dark side of this is that not all organizations are intelligent and progressive. Lots are run by crass people who can take the same kind of equipment and create hellholes. They make little bitty cubicles and stuff people in them. Barren, rathole places.”

How the pandemic changed the office forever [New Yorker]


Paul McCartney on the Adam Buxton podcast is a delight [Adam Buxton]

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