Which Super Rugby team do you support?

Which of the following have you experienced on a night out?

  1. You once shared a taxi home from the Viaduct with Adam Parore

  2. You once got turned away from a pub for wearing black jeans

  3. You once left a night spot as the expresso martini used non-single origin

  4. You once got thrown out of a bar for pestering Greg Somerville

  5. You’ve drank in a bar wearing overalls more than once

What’s your other favourite sport?

  1. The America’s Cup

  2. Competitive drenching

  3. The stack of retro board games in the bar

  4. Fighting

  5. Fighting

Where do you get your culture fix?

  1. Tony Alexander’s column in the property listings

  2. Richard Loe’s column in the farming news

  3. Theatre listings in cycleway pressure group flyer

  4. Annual operetta at your old high school

  5. Trivia questions under Speights bottle caps

Who’s your hero?

  1. Marc Ellis

  2. Beaver

  3. Jonah

  4. Grizz

  5. Marc Ellis

Describe your perfect Friday night

  1. Straight from the office to the viaduct for Russia / Malay fusion and tequila laybacks

  2. Straight from the farm to the woodshed for Waikato crates and a band

  3. Straight from lunch to a broom cupboard converted to a bar for gossip

  4. Straight from the 4-wheel drive to the neighbourhood gastropub

  5. Straight from uni to the flat for three day themed street party

What did you score

  1. Mostly 1’s: Blues - you’ll always have the 90’s

  2. Mostly 2’s: Chiefs - despite Chiefs coaches holding just about every position going, the good one coaches Australia

  3. Mostly 3’s: Hurricanes - at least you have the waterfront stadium Auckland wants

  4. Mostly 4’s: Crusaders - no-one likes you, you know

  5. Mostly 5’s - Highlanders - everyone likes you in a non-threatening way

Thanks for reading - Richard

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Selected weekend fixtures 

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  • It’s Crusaders v Hurricanes at 7 on Saturday and Blues v Chiefs Sunday at 3.30pm, they’re on SKY

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When someone suggests running.

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