World's lamest trick shots

Sport Review #168

If you’ve got a ball, a phone, kids running about and some kind of target, you’re set for trick shots.

Everyone loved Dude Perfect’s original shots - they’ve turned them into an empire - but it’s more fun to make your own.

Please enjoy. If you’re got any similar clips on your phone, send ‘em in.

Thanks for reading - Richard

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This week's best NZ sport content

NZ sport writing legend Dylan Cleaver has a Substack called The Bounce - listen to him talk to Duncan Greive about it here and read the opening spell here. Really like how open ended the concept is - hot takes, big investigations, oral histories - recommended [The Bounce, The Spinoff]

I’m generally not a fan of professionals pondering how other professionals should do things in public, but this blog on NZ Rugby makes some valid points [SECNewgate]

Between Two Beers’ Patrick Gower episode is a great series of set piece yarns - loved the passport one [Between Two Beers]

Keep your eyes peeled for Mud & Blood from RNZ, documenting a historic West Southland rugby tournament - looks awesome, here’s the trailer [RNZ]

I’ve got a message for those people who say the ICC World Test Championship is flawed; has no history or merit; may not have a future; has a format which produced the wrong finalists; was corrupted by Covid-19 interference; was corrupted by ICC interference; that the final should have been played as a series rather than a one-off match; that the final should not have been be played at a neutral venue; that a sixth day should not have been added to the final; that New Zealand weren’t good enough to be in the final; that conditions in Southampton suited New Zealand too much; that winning the toss was the difference; that India would thrash New Zealand in India; or that Australia did thrash New Zealand in Australia.

It’s quite a simple message: Piss off.

Euan McCabe punches back at People On Twitter [Sportsfreak]

Video nasty

Kobe Bryant plays street ball - and here’s the oral history.

Long read

Top tennis players’ wallets are way, way bigger than those batting away on satellite tournaments scraping a living [New York Times]


Aucklanders trapped in their homes might as well submit and enjoy Trapped, a bleak, bleak Icelandic Scandi-noir that starts with a torso falling off a ferry. It’s great, it’s on Netflix.

Bring back the gif 

When the Zoom is finished but you’re unsure if the camera has stopped.

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