Sport Review #150 - navel gaze special

Sport Review #150

150 is a weird milestone for a batsman. You’ve got the ton already, but making 150 is pretty meh - are you going to have a lash now and get caught at cow corner, or kick on and do something properly special?

You really didn’t sign up to a newsletter to read about the newsletter, but here are a few meta-thoughts to mark the 150. Normal service (such as it is) will resume next week.

In a bit of serendipity, the first mention of COVID-19 in the Sport Review archives was in newsletter #100.

We did the big lockdown, and here in Auckland we’ve done lots of little ones. The media has changed a fair bit since, for COVID and other reasons. We’ve said goodbye to Radio Sport, Metro and North and South for a while, budgets for sports newsrooms have been trimmed right back and the cricket is on Spark now.

Sport itself here still feels pretty normal though. The emergency Levels 3 and 2’s messed with the America’s Cup a bit, but we’ve just had a full international cricket season, Super Rugby Aotearoa still pulls in big crowds and the Netball’s virtually back to normal. Our COVID response has been world-beating and being able to flop on the couch and watch the game has helped the sense of continuity - you need to keep scanning though.

There’s new media popping up, big and small - SEN radio, After The Whistle, etc. Lots of people have newsletters now. And the sports themselves have innovated admirably, like the madcap Sal’s NBL with its draft held in a pizzeria. I love all of it, and the anything goes attitude, it suits our new work from home in shorts and slippers life we’re living.

I love doing my little part of it, the little ritual of keeping links through the week, then tapping it all up on Thursday night and mostly Friday morning every week(ish) makes me happy, as does the discipline of doing something creative every week.

Thanks for being part of it, and for the emails and tweets, it’s so appreciated. Apologies if I’ve bagged your team. Tell your friends and enjoy the next 50. Cheers!

Some personal fav editions

Thanks for reading - Richard

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When you and the boys invent a European Super League for a bit.

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